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CHATAL S.A.S. & Bretagne Ateliers ; Socially Responsible Partnership 18 March 2015

BRETAGNE ATELIERS & CHATAL S.A.S. have decided to join forces and expertise to offer a global offer to major contractors in the aeronautics sector.

An innovative partnership contract has just been signed a few days ago.

ALPHANUM will now be named CHATAL MOROCCO 13 February 2015

We are pleased to announce the CHATAL Group 100% take-over of its subsidiary in Rabat-Salé in Morocco. ALPHANUM will now be named CHATAL MOROCCO.

This organizational change demonstrates our development strategy, its aim being to better support our customers and increase our ability to meet the needs of the Aeronautic Supply Chain on the whole.

Thibault CHATAL has been appointed Director of this establishment and will be your contact on all operational aspects. Our sales team based in Herbignac remain available to meet your requirements.

Presentation of labor medals and retirement gifts at St-Nicolas-de-Redon 11 February 2015

Like every year, the Management of CHATAL organized the traditional New Year speech on Friday, January 9th, 2015, at the St-Nicolas-de-Redon site. It also gave them the opportunity to award 2 employees with a labor medal for their long service and to offer a retirement gift to 2 young retirees.

Labor medals :

  • Christian GUERIF « Grand Gold » (40 years of service)
  • Loïc JARNIER « Vermeil » (30 years of service)

Retirees :

  • Marie-Hélène HUGRON, employed since February 1971
  • Michel MARTIN, employed since July 1971

This convivial event was also an opportunity for the Management to thank all the staff for their work during the year 2014. The target for the New Year 2015 will be to consolidate and develop the business activities of the company which works mainly for the aeronautics industry.

Decentralization. Minister meets bosses from the country of Redon - Ouest France newspaper, October 2014 27 November 2014

The Minister of Civil Service and Decentralization, Mrs. Marylise Lebranchu, was in Redon last Thursday. Some topics caught her attention, others didn’t.


It was Brigitte Delahaie, President of the Redon branch of CCI (Chamber of commerce and industry) who put the subject on the table. "I am the spokesperson of the disaster victims in the country of Redon. Loire-Atlantique has solved the problem, but not Morbihan.
Result: during the recent rain periods, it took hundreds of people more than an hour to get to work. »
Jean-François Marie, president of the Community of Communes of the country of Redon, supported her. "We need to find a solution. It is the rain of entire Brittany that comes down on Redon." The Minister’s response was conclusive.
“I will not debate on this subject again.” she cut. “I’ve read some of the documents, but I haven’t followed the case. "And she didn’t seem to be really motivated to do it.


"As of today, no one has reopened the case.” explained Marylise Lebranchu. “It remains unchanged.”
Brittany of 5 members for ”Produced in Brittany”, Jacques François from the Adeos Company made a clear demand: ”Madam, the five departments of Brittany must be reunited. You have to weigh in this sense, please. ’’, The Minister who is of Breton origin, admitted that she “has always favored a Brittany of 5”. But then she immediately nuanced her remark:
"We must be careful and avoid that this approach is seen as exclusionary. In terms of democracy, the other departments of the Pays de la Loire area also have their say. And we would take a significant tax base away from them.”

Administrative simplification

The Entrepreneurs of the territory had the same question on their lips: "What can be expected or hoped from simplification?” “A part of the complexity will persist, do not be fooled”, admitted the Minister.” The idea is to change the methods: to have a single control tower. " Neither eagerness nor concreteness on this subject, the Entrepreneurs remained in the dark.

An industrial France

Didier Marchandise, Managing Director of the CHATAL site, presented his cluster project, which clearly caught the attention of the Minister. Just like the association project of Jocelyne Madec, from the Asteelflash Company: “We have had nothing but administrative brakes. Do not discourage people who are passionate...” This time the Minister promised to “ read and study both cases carefully”. “We do need this type of prototyping. France must return to an industrial strategy.”

State subsidies

“Small and medium-sized towns are the great forgotten”, said Pascal Duchêne, Mayor of Redon, who set a cat among the pigeons by addressing the subject of declining State subsidies. "I am well aware that for some people this feels like cleaning a wound with 90° alcohol...
But the State is in debt and we must reduce spending. We need a fairer distribution of wealth. However it seems absurd to me that the State, which is in debt, might be led to give money to some stinking rich municipalities.” Apparently the Minister can also be direct.

Cap Fémina 24 September 2014

The Chatal group has supported the ""Elles du désert " association by joining their adventure in the "Cap Fémina"

The “Cap Fémina” is a motor sports adventure exclusively for women to discover Morocco like never before, revealing a face of Morocco yet unknown by travel agencies. An exceptional itinerary as a result of over 20 years of experience.

The aerospace subcontracting in running order 2 April 2014

Investment, job creation, training, research and development, reorganization... To meet the growing needs of major contractors in the aeronautics sector, subcontracting SMEs are getting organized. The results are there and the sector shows a real dynamism.

The civil aviation industry is doing well... thanks. With Airbus ahead it displays remarkable vitality in these times of crisis, with nine years of production guaranteed! In 2013, the European aircraft manufacturer has exceeded 1,500 net orders, including two historical ones: 230 A320 airplanes in one order for the Indonesian low-cost carrier Lion Air, and 50 A380s ordered by Emirates airline during in the Dubai Show! This is twice the initial target. As a result, the manufacturer hired nearly 600 people in 2013 on the only sites of Nantes and Saint-Nazaire.

Behind them, the subcontracting SMEs which are specialized in tooling or in manufacturing parts or subassemblies, are rubbing their hands. And they fully commit themselves to support this high production pace. Forty of them are members of Neopolia, the largest network of industrial enterprises in the Pays de la Loire region. They represent some 2,500 direct jobs and an accumulated turnover of 300 million €.

Investment and job creation}

"We have achieved an outstanding production volume with a minimum visibility of 5 to 8 years”, confirms Nicolas Derouault, vice-president of Neopolia, in charge of the aviation sector. This requires among other major technological developments around the composite materials in particular. The EMC2 competitiveness cluster and the IRT Jules Verne * are working on it.

To meet the needs of the industry, some companies invest and recruit. For example, the engineering company CHATAL in Herbignac grows by installing a new surface treatment business in Saint-Nicolas-de-Redon. An investment of 5.3 M€ supported for € 214,000 by the Region, and which will create 52 jobs.

The Chatal group puts the turbo in the surface treatment 1 March 2014

The Chatal group has renovated part of a former FAURECIA factory in order to develop a new 8,000 sqm site, inaugurated on February 14th, 2014

Sharing excellence 1 March 2014

Chatal did it. On February 14th, during the opening of their new surface treatment (TS) facilities in Saint-Nicolas de Redon, nearly 150 people responded to the invitation from representatives of the local communities and industry partners. Beyond this opening, Chatal is definitely working on the future..