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Ionbond progresses with the Chatal group 4 February 2014

Aeronautics are an extremely demanding sector, due to obvious safety reasons. The reliability of parts as well as their weather resistance must be fail-safe. To guarantee this, the Chatal group is constantly investing and establishing partnerships with trusted partners.

In the field of coating yet controlled internally, the Chatal group relies on the IONBOND GROUP in order to continuously improve the proposed quality.

Labor medal: three employees of Chatal awarded 14 January 2014

Friday morning, the Management of the Chatal Company organized their New Year speech in the premises, where surface treatment activities for aeronautics have been launched since September. Alain Chatal, Chairman of the group, thanked his staff before honoring three employees: Florent Houee, Marie-Annick Métayer and Pascal Robin. He awarded them with the vermeil labor work medal for 30 years of service.

Britain and France support the Chatal company in Redon 15 December 2013

For the first time, two local communities support the Chatal Company, engine for the development in the country of Redon (35). Moreover the two regions join forces around four competitiveness clusters.

The top 100 firms in Loire-Atlantique 14 November 2013

A ranking of the top 100 companies of Loire-Atlantique. The Chatal group holds rank 52...

Alphanum expands in Rabat (Air and Cosmos, Oct. 2013) 2 October 2013

The 50% subsidiary of the CHATAL Group has invested in new premises in Morocco to rationalize their organization.

The Chatal group believes in a great future 5 September 2013

The company based in Herbignac has invested 5 million € in a factory in Saint-Nicolas-de-Redon

Aeronautics make the Chatal Group take off 5 August 2013

Established in 1966 in Herbignac, the Chatal Company manufactures parts for aircrafts. The company has invested in a new plant in Saint-Nicolas de Redon and expects to hire 50 people...

A strong will of opening (Journal of the CCPR) 1 August 2013

Rooted in an area with a strong industrial past, the territory is now opening to new markets to ensure its dynamism. Laurent Guihard, Head of the economic development pole of the CODELA, comments this evolution.

CHATAL plans to open a training technopole within the company (Ouest-France newspaper, June 2013) 5 June 2013

Redevelopment of the Faurecia site by the Chatal Company (Ouest-France newspaper, May 2013) 1 May 2013

The industrial site of the former Faurecia factory has become the property of Chatal since last year; a company specialized in precision mechanics.

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